Chennai, now a days is madly in love with the handsome traffic. yes, every major city in India is already in love with the traffic and Chennai has entered the list. Nine hundred odd vehicles are joining the contest every day. Indeed, people want their own vehicles, but where is the place to run all these vehicles. Am not against this, but practically Chennai is getting congested by the increase in number of people and their vehicles. we cant either stop the vehicle numbers nor the population growth.

Chennai traffic police department has really taken steps to regulate the traffic, but most of the plans end up in failure. As always people think that “rules are meant to break”. The department took a vital action of widening the roads and laying platforms thereby helping  the walkers. But, we can actually see bikes and cycles using these platforms rather than the walkers. And to say the truth, we hardly see people walking. Any ways, people find ways to take their vehicle even in a thread gap, the size of the vehicle doesn’t matter.

And most of them get struck in the peak hours. Peak hours are usually from morning eight to nine-nine thirty and evening five to maximum eight thirty. But, now whenever you step out, you wait in the traffic. Either waiting for the signal to turn green or to overtake other vehicles.

Anna Salai, T.nagar, Koyembedu, Kodambakam, Vadaplaini, and all  main areas are witnessing the peak almost all the time. and if it is a festive season, there are actually no words to describe the beauty traffic.

The most important issue are the one ways. There are no actual ways for certain routes, but there are one ways. Instead of taking the straight route to the area, which hardly take five minutes, these one ways help you to take a round around the area, visit places that you have never visited before, with three to four signal stops on line and other obstacles and finally the journey ends after  half an hour. Though one ways are successful in some parts of the city, people find it difficult to reach their destinations in many parts.

And the saddest part of all these is, some of the signals in the city goes off some times. It is very difficult to make our people to follow the rules when the signal is on, and if these goes off who cares, all hurry up to reach their destinations. And in some places you can’t even find the right person to guide and regulate the traffic.

The handsome has not only attracted the city but many of the suburbs and outskirts of the metro. Out skirts like Ennore, Mugappair, Thiruvettroyuir are also meamerized by this action hero.

But, one thing should be appreciated, many organizations and volunteers take part in the activity of regulating the traffic in their own area and many souls in the city also follow these rules.

The number of accidents and casualties reports steadily increase every day. This is no good news to the public.

The handsome traffic is going to be on the deal, unless and until we take the resolution to follow some of the basic rules. I do not say that following rules can be the solution to the problem, but still we can bring down the intensity. We should contribute something on our part. We do nothing except for complaining and finding fault with the authorities.

And the authorities concerned should also be very strict. Road safety policy has been formulated in 2007, but still we find the trend of accidents and many incidents. Incomplete projects and bridge constructions are also one of the cause for the traffic. The authorities concerned should also see to that these works are finished on time.

Unless these measures are strictly followed, the handsome traffic is certainly going to intensify the love with Chennai.