Lacy memories of my college days just passed me while i was on my way back home from work, it has been a year since i completed my graduation and the pleasant reminiscence forced me to write a blog.

Cheese burgers were one of my great companions . This delicious burger was then available in creamy in, an ice cream parlor near my place. At one point of time i got addicted to these cheese burgers and i started having it twice a day. They serve it hot, and a bite would fill your mouth with a bit of the spicy cutlet, creamy cheese,leafy cabbage with pepper and the bun on top. These are then accompanied by the slices of onion, tomato, and cucumber with an unique mashy!!!!!!!!!! the taste is heavenly. Thanks to these cheese burgers as this helped me in gaining some weight.

Me and sandy my best friend, used to have it every day. I compare her with the cheese burger often as she is also mixed with all the emotions and features and she is unpredictable. Cheese burgers surprises you many times, as when you bite you just get all the milky cheese filled, which is very subtle and different. And so my friend leaves me with pleasant surprises many times. whenever we  fight, i used to take her there and the cheese burgers would solve the problems….

The squeezy cheese burgers with french fries are the greatest combination….. oh my god!!!!!!! am hungry!!!!!!!!!

And by default the taste of these burgers are just mouth watering and it increases during rainy days. I don’t know if this is true or i just imagine… Anyways,  we just walk through the deserted roads in the rain and the taste of hot burgers are inexplicable…..

As we both work now, that too in extreme different locations… We miss these little things…. It has been days since i had this burger. May be this weekend i should try getting one…

You may feel that am exaggerating things, but these are small things that makes me happy. I really find the luscious cheese burger very interesting…. And whenever someone ask me about my college days, the first thing strike is the cheese burger. I love these delicious cheese burgers………