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I am lost

‘I am Lost’…. I have heard people saying these super magical words often. I call it ‘Super Magical’ coz, when people say it, they actually make you feel as if they are in totally different (virtual) world, and you are not actually smart enough to understand it. ‘I am Lost’… I dont think that this sounds weird.

At times, i have thought that these are one of the funny sets of words. hmmm… may be i should do a Ph.d to understand what people mean when they say that they are lost.

I have a small incident to share about this topic. It was one of the winter nights, when  I was deep into one of the romantic dreams. My mobile vibrated vigorously.. I cursed the mobile, the vibrating mode and the person who turned on the mode, of course it was me. It said ‘Sunny Calling’.  He is one of my close friends. It was around 2 a.m. I wondered what would have made him to call me at this time. I was bit nervous

I picked up the call and said ‘hello?. I heard a deep husky voice replying me with the two set of words ‘ I am lost’.  I was totally taken a back. What is this guy thinking. Calling me around two in the morning to say that he is lost. i was mad and asked him ‘what crap?’ he said ‘am in love and so i am lost’.

That turned me crazy. Is it a rule that people who fall in love should get lost for some reason?. I really didnt understand, and I was not in mood to argue with him at that time, when I was in middle of the sleep. I said that ill talk later and cut the call.

Sunny now always assumes that I am not smart enough to understand his feelings of ‘lost’. He tells that he loves the feeling and so on. ok! I dont understand the concept of ‘lost world’.

If one set of people say that they are lost coz they are in love, another set of people have their own stories to cook up. Some of the story lines  are:

I am lost coz, I have no friends

I am lost coz, I don t have a gf/ bf

I am lost czo, I had a bad day

I am lost coz, I have no money

I am lost coz, I have no one

I am lost coz, of the share market/ business etc

I am Lost simply coz, I wanna get lost!

Fine, I think this is a kind of Phenomenon and people say they are lost simply coz they wanted to!

An appeal to God-

please give a extra sensory part, which can understand the concept of ‘I am Lost’

I guess ‘ I am Lost’ now, jus coz am doing a research on it.



Some times i sit to write about some thing and finally end up in writing something. May be am so much obsessed with Chennai’s traffic. I always wonder about some mystifying things happening in life. You all might have also experienced these things, and i hope you understand what i mean. If not, read the following paragraph.

Some times we go to some places and feel that we have already been to that place, we see some people and feel that we have actually seen them before. Some happy or sad incident might have happened and you end up in feeling that you have experienced and witnessed the same emotions before.

These happen in every one’s life, but i do not understand the theory behind this. Some say these are intuitions that brain cells send us during the incident, Some say that these are forgotten dreams and we remember those fantasies when it actually happens. And some even link this to telepathy.

You believe it or not, I come across such incidents at least once a week.  I can hear some voice asking me to go and visit a good psychiatrist.

As i travel by mtc bus every day, at times i see a person and strain my head to remember when i saw that person before. I see an accident happening and i feel that i have seen the same accident before. This is quite interesting as i go on checking and surfing websites to find what this actually means. Whatever it means, the experience is truly thrilling.

Am i rewriting this blog ? oops!!!!!!!!!!! guess it is the same feel……..