My city is Chennai and it is  one of the most happening city in India. As every other place in India,  chennai have also seen some of the changes. But the difference is, these are some of the drastic changes, and a person visited chennai few years back will definitely find it amazing and a bit difficult to digest the astonishing changes.

And the biggest difference what i personally feel is the hectic traffic. Few years back, one can easily go to thiruvanmayur from ambattur in an hour journey. And these two places are the extremes of Chennai. But, now it  takes minimum of three hours. And you know what one can reach vellore district in three hours, hmmmmm, big difference!!!!!!!

And i recommend train journey. Train journeys are always interesting and i love traveling in electric trains

There may be many reasons for this traffic. Increase in population and vehicles, ongoing projects and incomplete bridge and flyover constructions. What ever it is, it has taught one beautiful lesson “patience”. People wait for hours in a signal which is truly frustrating. And the number of accidents, ha! i feel sick to talk.

Anyways, i reach my office, Ameyaa info solution  an hour late. And this happens almost three days a week. Am sure that, one day my mam is going chuck me out of the office. Yes, it is a tiring task to just  travel from your home to office for two and half hours which can be actually reached in 45 mins. Am not joking its true. And my return journey, am planning to write a seperate post on that.

Apart from traffic and other disturbing and tiring issues, i love Chennai. Simply because of the happening nature. You  can always find people helping others in one or other ways. And whenever one speak about Chennai, marina beach is the first name that strikes. The second longest beach, indeed, but am finding it difficult to remember the actual color of the beach.  Anyways, yes, it is a tantalizing sight to see the vast sea, with its own unfolded mysteries and untold stories, silently conveying some message to everyone there.

Hot and spicy corns, sundals and onion bajjis, fish fries are heavenly foods which are affordable and treats everyone, and these are just incomparable. This post would be incomplete, if am not going to mention about the mouth watering bhel puris,

pani puris and samosas  stalls. Though these are north Indian dishes, these has now taken a special  place in every chennaitie’s  regular diet. many go to beaches just to have this delicious foods.

Spencer plaza is the one mall which was the hottest and the most visited place in Chennai some four years back. But, now you can find many big malls and multiplexes in every area and every corner. Many bridges and and buildings have taken our own city to the international standard. Even many of the foreign brands have their outlets in some of the main areas in the city.

Chennai has seen the drastic change and the rapid development.As the saying goes”Changes are the one thing which are never going to Change”, these changes are forever. Am waiting for the day to officially call Chennai as “SINGARA CHENNAI” ,which means beautiful city, This is my city my chennai.