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How often we see a foggy day in Chennai…

It was a real pleasent surprise for me to wake up seeing mist dancing with a beautiful grace across my city. My lips automotically curved into a smile on seeing the dense fog. How badly I wanted such a foggy day in my life. The beauty of the nature is truly inexplicable.

My all time fantasy of being hit by the cool morning foggy breeze came true. I could not even see the balcony next to my apartment. God!!!! you always know the way to bring my fantasies true at the right time when I badly want it.

As a child, we had always loved to touch the chilly ground with our bare feet. The soft caress cuddles of the cold wet grasses always made our days in our child hood.   And as an adult, we know to appreciate the beauty of tiny droplets which sets its feet on those grasses, leaves, flowers and on every possible nature’s work!!!

Ok! now coming back to the present, I went down to touch those grasses and flowers yesterday. After a very long time, I had a chance to converse with the nature alone.

I wanted to take pics.. But, alas!!! Firstly, I was totally mesmerized by the beauty and I had no time to search for my cam by then. Secondly, the visibility was very poor and a good pic,  I would say,  is an over expectation.

Having a fresh cup of coffee in that misty weather was just awesome and you have to expereince the really feeling of “Feeling fresh”. I thought that it would only  last for an hour… But to my surprise, the foggy day extended a bit too long, making me to dance with its rythm.

Hmmm!!! driving in Chennai ‘s traffic in a normal day is it self an art, as I have always said.. Yesterday, it made quite difficult for the chennaities to find their way in the mist. But,  again how often do we get an oppurtuinity to enjoy a beautiful morning like the one we had yesterday.

For those of all whom got up very late… I just have to say you have missed one of the beautiful sight of  “The Dancing Mist” in Chennai in your life 🙂


Chennai showers

Rainy days in hot Chennai

Chennai is known for the hot weather. In summer seasons, Chennai as always tried to beat its own record of the previous year. Chennaities are used to high temperatures and they do not feel the different.The rain is the most expected thing every year.
The middle of October to December is the most anticipated season of the year. If it rains in Chennai, that would be the flash news in every news channel. And in the past decade, it had disappointed. Either Chennai has received scanty rainfall or no rain.

But, i feel that this year Chennai showers were not seasonal. Though there were no heavy, stormy rain, Chennai received a reasonable rainfall this year. The highlighting thing is that it received the maximum showers in summer season.

Drizzling Chennai

The rainy season has just started in Chennai, and it is raining here. i personally love the rainy days. some may not agree because most of them do not like the rain and the dampness. some may not like because of the hectic and the slow movement in the traffic and the humpty dumpty roads. yes!!!!!!! these are there but still, the look of the city during the rainy days is some thing unexplainable.

The wet look of the city

The bark of the trees around the city looks more compelling as the wet look gives the bright brown hues. And the leaves look fresh, and the tiny little drops falling from the tree appear to me as pearls. The light cold breeze touching your skin leaves you with goose bumps and at the same time it brushes your  hair making it beautifully flow in the direction of the wind. Haaaaaaa!! Am a big fan of the little pearls (drops) and the chill weather….

The deserted roads full of trees in the rainy days looks to me as woods. you can listen to the music of rain and you can feel the soft caress cuddles of the rain. And the night look of the city in rainy days is just amazing, the roads with water and the tress whispering some secrets to one another wow!!!!!! you can’t expect more from the nature……


Have you ever witnessed the city after a stormy, heavy showers? ..

I usually go near a tree and sway the branches, the tiny little bubbles gives me the loving touch. I feel the freshness, and the joy. It is just inexplicable. And the sweet smell of the rain and the earth allures me. you can even smell the fragrance of the moist wind during these days. the experience is definitely amazing

I used to just lay near my window sipping a up of hot tea or a coffee and silently listen to the beautiful sounds and the music produced by rain. At times i do get drenched and i just love it. And while taking a walk, you can see hot corns and samosa stalls, which reminds you of the super combo tea time. The most favorite snack for the Chennai people during the rainy is the spicy, mouth watering Mulaka bajji (chilli bajji,)

Chennai always mesmerizes me by the best,hot look during the monsoon…. A rainy day, foggy climate,  cloudy weather, colorful umbrellas, streaming coffee with hot samosas, greeny surrounding, sweet little drizzles, cold wind, what else you can ask, Chennai as the best, hot look in the rainy season….. I just admire Chennai in the new appearance..

Chennai and the Handsome Traffic


Chennai, now a days is madly in love with the handsome traffic. yes, every major city in India is already in love with the traffic and Chennai has entered the list. Nine hundred odd vehicles are joining the contest every day. Indeed, people want their own vehicles, but where is the place to run all these vehicles. Am not against this, but practically Chennai is getting congested by the increase in number of people and their vehicles. we cant either stop the vehicle numbers nor the population growth.

Chennai traffic police department has really taken steps to regulate the traffic, but most of the plans end up in failure. As always people think that “rules are meant to break”. The department took a vital action of widening the roads and laying platforms thereby helping  the walkers. But, we can actually see bikes and cycles using these platforms rather than the walkers. And to say the truth, we hardly see people walking. Any ways, people find ways to take their vehicle even in a thread gap, the size of the vehicle doesn’t matter.

And most of them get struck in the peak hours. Peak hours are usually from morning eight to nine-nine thirty and evening five to maximum eight thirty. But, now whenever you step out, you wait in the traffic. Either waiting for the signal to turn green or to overtake other vehicles.

Anna Salai, T.nagar, Koyembedu, Kodambakam, Vadaplaini, and all  main areas are witnessing the peak almost all the time. and if it is a festive season, there are actually no words to describe the beauty traffic.

The most important issue are the one ways. There are no actual ways for certain routes, but there are one ways. Instead of taking the straight route to the area, which hardly take five minutes, these one ways help you to take a round around the area, visit places that you have never visited before, with three to four signal stops on line and other obstacles and finally the journey ends after  half an hour. Though one ways are successful in some parts of the city, people find it difficult to reach their destinations in many parts.

And the saddest part of all these is, some of the signals in the city goes off some times. It is very difficult to make our people to follow the rules when the signal is on, and if these goes off who cares, all hurry up to reach their destinations. And in some places you can’t even find the right person to guide and regulate the traffic.

The handsome has not only attracted the city but many of the suburbs and outskirts of the metro. Out skirts like Ennore, Mugappair, Thiruvettroyuir are also meamerized by this action hero.

But, one thing should be appreciated, many organizations and volunteers take part in the activity of regulating the traffic in their own area and many souls in the city also follow these rules.

The number of accidents and casualties reports steadily increase every day. This is no good news to the public.

The handsome traffic is going to be on the deal, unless and until we take the resolution to follow some of the basic rules. I do not say that following rules can be the solution to the problem, but still we can bring down the intensity. We should contribute something on our part. We do nothing except for complaining and finding fault with the authorities.

And the authorities concerned should also be very strict. Road safety policy has been formulated in 2007, but still we find the trend of accidents and many incidents. Incomplete projects and bridge constructions are also one of the cause for the traffic. The authorities concerned should also see to that these works are finished on time.

Unless these measures are strictly followed, the handsome traffic is certainly going to intensify the love with Chennai.

Chennai and Ayudha pooja

Chennai and ayudha pooja has the interesting and unbroken bond. The tenth day of the Dusshera festival is celebrated as Saraswathi or Ayudha pooja praising goddess Saraswathi. I say this is interesting because of the customs and traditions followed during this festival . “Saraswathi” is the goddess for education and arts.

People, keep books, and musical instruments, vehicles, tools etc in front of the the goddess and pray for blessings. This same custom is followed in all companies, industries and organization. Whatever profession or a career a person may pursue, he would follow the same custom. This is custom is believed to bring good deeds and people thank the goddess for the blessings.

People decorate their  companies or industries with flowers and color papers and do the rituals. After the pooja, the companies, usually distribute,  fruits and and the customary offering called “pori” to the workers, with the salary or valuable gifts the organization like to present their workers for their hard work.

People in their houses offer fruits, pori to the goddess. if they have some vehicles, they decorate it and perform pooja.

As i said this is followed by people pursuing all professions, Auto Wallas in Chennai celebrate in a grand manner.  They do all possible decorations to their autos and the stand. And the most highlighting thing in the celebration is the loud speakers. They play songs of the latest movies in the maximum volume. Though festivals are meant to celebrate, the maximum sound is really a threat to the public. The high decibels, often affect the ears and leads to many hearing problems. Heart patients and the little kids are always affected by it.

These can be celebrated in a more peaceful way than publicizing the event. Many think this as their status symbol and the affected group is the public.

Apart from this, the ayudha pooja is one of the most grandly celebrated festivals in Chennai. You can find shops all over Chennai selling all the traditional things from flowers to pori. People get busier during this time.

Marina beach is filled with the crowd, in the evening, as people come there to relax and enjoy the festival. Some opt for movies and other entrainment. Which ever ways people chose, they see to that this festival is celebrated with the full josh.


My city is Chennai and it is  one of the most happening city in India. As every other place in India,  chennai have also seen some of the changes. But the difference is, these are some of the drastic changes, and a person visited chennai few years back will definitely find it amazing and a bit difficult to digest the astonishing changes.

And the biggest difference what i personally feel is the hectic traffic. Few years back, one can easily go to thiruvanmayur from ambattur in an hour journey. And these two places are the extremes of Chennai. But, now it  takes minimum of three hours. And you know what one can reach vellore district in three hours, hmmmmm, big difference!!!!!!!

And i recommend train journey. Train journeys are always interesting and i love traveling in electric trains

There may be many reasons for this traffic. Increase in population and vehicles, ongoing projects and incomplete bridge and flyover constructions. What ever it is, it has taught one beautiful lesson “patience”. People wait for hours in a signal which is truly frustrating. And the number of accidents, ha! i feel sick to talk.

Anyways, i reach my office, Ameyaa info solution  an hour late. And this happens almost three days a week. Am sure that, one day my mam is going chuck me out of the office. Yes, it is a tiring task to just  travel from your home to office for two and half hours which can be actually reached in 45 mins. Am not joking its true. And my return journey, am planning to write a seperate post on that.

Apart from traffic and other disturbing and tiring issues, i love Chennai. Simply because of the happening nature. You  can always find people helping others in one or other ways. And whenever one speak about Chennai, marina beach is the first name that strikes. The second longest beach, indeed, but am finding it difficult to remember the actual color of the beach.  Anyways, yes, it is a tantalizing sight to see the vast sea, with its own unfolded mysteries and untold stories, silently conveying some message to everyone there.

Hot and spicy corns, sundals and onion bajjis, fish fries are heavenly foods which are affordable and treats everyone, and these are just incomparable. This post would be incomplete, if am not going to mention about the mouth watering bhel puris,

pani puris and samosas  stalls. Though these are north Indian dishes, these has now taken a special  place in every chennaitie’s  regular diet. many go to beaches just to have this delicious foods.

Spencer plaza is the one mall which was the hottest and the most visited place in Chennai some four years back. But, now you can find many big malls and multiplexes in every area and every corner. Many bridges and and buildings have taken our own city to the international standard. Even many of the foreign brands have their outlets in some of the main areas in the city.

Chennai has seen the drastic change and the rapid development.As the saying goes”Changes are the one thing which are never going to Change”, these changes are forever. Am waiting for the day to officially call Chennai as “SINGARA CHENNAI” ,which means beautiful city, This is my city my chennai.