Chennai and ayudha pooja has the interesting and unbroken bond. The tenth day of the Dusshera festival is celebrated as Saraswathi or Ayudha pooja praising goddess Saraswathi. I say this is interesting because of the customs and traditions followed during this festival . “Saraswathi” is the goddess for education and arts.

People, keep books, and musical instruments, vehicles, tools etc in front of the the goddess and pray for blessings. This same custom is followed in all companies, industries and organization. Whatever profession or a career a person may pursue, he would follow the same custom. This is custom is believed to bring good deeds and people thank the goddess for the blessings.

People decorate their  companies or industries with flowers and color papers and do the rituals. After the pooja, the companies, usually distribute,  fruits and and the customary offering called “pori” to the workers, with the salary or valuable gifts the organization like to present their workers for their hard work.

People in their houses offer fruits, pori to the goddess. if they have some vehicles, they decorate it and perform pooja.

As i said this is followed by people pursuing all professions, Auto Wallas in Chennai celebrate in a grand manner.  They do all possible decorations to their autos and the stand. And the most highlighting thing in the celebration is the loud speakers. They play songs of the latest movies in the maximum volume. Though festivals are meant to celebrate, the maximum sound is really a threat to the public. The high decibels, often affect the ears and leads to many hearing problems. Heart patients and the little kids are always affected by it.

These can be celebrated in a more peaceful way than publicizing the event. Many think this as their status symbol and the affected group is the public.

Apart from this, the ayudha pooja is one of the most grandly celebrated festivals in Chennai. You can find shops all over Chennai selling all the traditional things from flowers to pori. People get busier during this time.

Marina beach is filled with the crowd, in the evening, as people come there to relax and enjoy the festival. Some opt for movies and other entrainment. Which ever ways people chose, they see to that this festival is celebrated with the full josh.