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How often we see a foggy day in Chennai…

It was a real pleasent surprise for me to wake up seeing mist dancing with a beautiful grace across my city. My lips automotically curved into a smile on seeing the dense fog. How badly I wanted such a foggy day in my life. The beauty of the nature is truly inexplicable.

My all time fantasy of being hit by the cool morning foggy breeze came true. I could not even see the balcony next to my apartment. God!!!! you always know the way to bring my fantasies true at the right time when I badly want it.

As a child, we had always loved to touch the chilly ground with our bare feet. The soft caress cuddles of the cold wet grasses always made our days in our child hood.   And as an adult, we know to appreciate the beauty of tiny droplets which sets its feet on those grasses, leaves, flowers and on every possible nature’s work!!!

Ok! now coming back to the present, I went down to touch those grasses and flowers yesterday. After a very long time, I had a chance to converse with the nature alone.

I wanted to take pics.. But, alas!!! Firstly, I was totally mesmerized by the beauty and I had no time to search for my cam by then. Secondly, the visibility was very poor and a good pic,  I would say,  is an over expectation.

Having a fresh cup of coffee in that misty weather was just awesome and you have to expereince the really feeling of “Feeling fresh”. I thought that it would only  last for an hour… But to my surprise, the foggy day extended a bit too long, making me to dance with its rythm.

Hmmm!!! driving in Chennai ‘s traffic in a normal day is it self an art, as I have always said.. Yesterday, it made quite difficult for the chennaities to find their way in the mist. But,  again how often do we get an oppurtuinity to enjoy a beautiful morning like the one we had yesterday.

For those of all whom got up very late… I just have to say you have missed one of the beautiful sight of  “The Dancing Mist” in Chennai in your life 🙂


I am lost

‘I am Lost’…. I have heard people saying these super magical words often. I call it ‘Super Magical’ coz, when people say it, they actually make you feel as if they are in totally different (virtual) world, and you are not actually smart enough to understand it. ‘I am Lost’… I dont think that this sounds weird.

At times, i have thought that these are one of the funny sets of words. hmmm… may be i should do a Ph.d to understand what people mean when they say that they are lost.

I have a small incident to share about this topic. It was one of the winter nights, when  I was deep into one of the romantic dreams. My mobile vibrated vigorously.. I cursed the mobile, the vibrating mode and the person who turned on the mode, of course it was me. It said ‘Sunny Calling’.  He is one of my close friends. It was around 2 a.m. I wondered what would have made him to call me at this time. I was bit nervous

I picked up the call and said ‘hello?. I heard a deep husky voice replying me with the two set of words ‘ I am lost’.  I was totally taken a back. What is this guy thinking. Calling me around two in the morning to say that he is lost. i was mad and asked him ‘what crap?’ he said ‘am in love and so i am lost’.

That turned me crazy. Is it a rule that people who fall in love should get lost for some reason?. I really didnt understand, and I was not in mood to argue with him at that time, when I was in middle of the sleep. I said that ill talk later and cut the call.

Sunny now always assumes that I am not smart enough to understand his feelings of ‘lost’. He tells that he loves the feeling and so on. ok! I dont understand the concept of ‘lost world’.

If one set of people say that they are lost coz they are in love, another set of people have their own stories to cook up. Some of the story lines  are:

I am lost coz, I have no friends

I am lost coz, I don t have a gf/ bf

I am lost czo, I had a bad day

I am lost coz, I have no money

I am lost coz, I have no one

I am lost coz, of the share market/ business etc

I am Lost simply coz, I wanna get lost!

Fine, I think this is a kind of Phenomenon and people say they are lost simply coz they wanted to!

An appeal to God-

please give a extra sensory part, which can understand the concept of ‘I am Lost’

I guess ‘ I am Lost’ now, jus coz am doing a research on it.

my first blog

Am starting my new writing with this blog… am indeed very happy to share my thoughts and ideas with everyone this blog can reach… let me wait and see how this works… to all who are reading this i wish good luck and a happy life.. catch you later with a good blog.. till then keep smiling….

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