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I had never wanted anyone to show as much as love and affection as you show. Seriously, I don’t know how to categorize your love. I just can say that it pains like hell at the though of being loved so madly.  Why does this happen to me over and over? I just can’t take it anymore. I am never going to reciprocate your love by any chance. Not that I don’t love you, but this thing is never going to happen in your no our life. I am helpless. I don’t know how else i can describe my situtaion. For months, you are in love. You never actually proposed, and I had always pretended that it was only friendship. But, you know and you still hope that there is something more than just friendship. Ironically, Its hurting, to be loved. You are cruel, rude and arrogant in showing love. And, the bruises in my heart is deep, and I know that it never can be healed. Your are just punishing me with your love. I just can’t take it anymore….



Chennai showers

Rainy days in hot Chennai

Chennai is known for the hot weather. In summer seasons, Chennai as always tried to beat its own record of the previous year. Chennaities are used to high temperatures and they do not feel the different.The rain is the most expected thing every year.
The middle of October to December is the most anticipated season of the year. If it rains in Chennai, that would be the flash news in every news channel. And in the past decade, it had disappointed. Either Chennai has received scanty rainfall or no rain.

But, i feel that this year Chennai showers were not seasonal. Though there were no heavy, stormy rain, Chennai received a reasonable rainfall this year. The highlighting thing is that it received the maximum showers in summer season.

Drizzling Chennai

The rainy season has just started in Chennai, and it is raining here. i personally love the rainy days. some may not agree because most of them do not like the rain and the dampness. some may not like because of the hectic and the slow movement in the traffic and the humpty dumpty roads. yes!!!!!!! these are there but still, the look of the city during the rainy days is some thing unexplainable.

The wet look of the city

The bark of the trees around the city looks more compelling as the wet look gives the bright brown hues. And the leaves look fresh, and the tiny little drops falling from the tree appear to me as pearls. The light cold breeze touching your skin leaves you with goose bumps and at the same time it brushes your  hair making it beautifully flow in the direction of the wind. Haaaaaaa!! Am a big fan of the little pearls (drops) and the chill weather….

The deserted roads full of trees in the rainy days looks to me as woods. you can listen to the music of rain and you can feel the soft caress cuddles of the rain. And the night look of the city in rainy days is just amazing, the roads with water and the tress whispering some secrets to one another wow!!!!!! you can’t expect more from the nature……


Have you ever witnessed the city after a stormy, heavy showers? ..

I usually go near a tree and sway the branches, the tiny little bubbles gives me the loving touch. I feel the freshness, and the joy. It is just inexplicable. And the sweet smell of the rain and the earth allures me. you can even smell the fragrance of the moist wind during these days. the experience is definitely amazing

I used to just lay near my window sipping a up of hot tea or a coffee and silently listen to the beautiful sounds and the music produced by rain. At times i do get drenched and i just love it. And while taking a walk, you can see hot corns and samosa stalls, which reminds you of the super combo tea time. The most favorite snack for the Chennai people during the rainy is the spicy, mouth watering Mulaka bajji (chilli bajji,)

Chennai always mesmerizes me by the best,hot look during the monsoon…. A rainy day, foggy climate,  cloudy weather, colorful umbrellas, streaming coffee with hot samosas, greeny surrounding, sweet little drizzles, cold wind, what else you can ask, Chennai as the best, hot look in the rainy season….. I just admire Chennai in the new appearance..